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Hudson Grace
“Today was my first visit to Herbal Nails & Spa and I’m sold. I live in the neighborhood and passed it by many times. I didn’t have an appointment, but they were able to get me in 30 min later for a manipedi with shellac. Friendly and attentive staff all around. And this seems to be true of all of their staff given the previous reviews, but the attention to detail was surprising. The girl did my nails and she was careful, focused, and did not cut corners on providing me with a neat finish. They just scored another regular customer.”

Brianna Young
“I can not say enough good things about this nail salon. In fact, I moved about 20 minutes away from the salon recently and plan to still drive back just to get my nails done here. it is by far the best and most affordable nail salon I’ve found in the area. Some pros:
+ Extremely accommodating: I’ve come in looking to get a fill near the close time and they still did my nails and stayed well past closing with no complaints.
+ Everyone here is good. You don’t need to ask for a specific person to do your nails because every employee does a great job.”

Phoebe Murphy
“I have been going to this salon for 6 times. Pricing is fairly average, however it is very worth it. I go to this salon every two weeks in order to get my acrylic fills and pedicures. The entire staff is excellent and they always buy new colors in order to keep up with trends. For the most part, they will accomodate you with walk ins and you will not have to wait long. However, I do suggest making an appointment if you have somewhere to be! I love this salon and highly recommend to someone looking for an amazing salon.”

Leslie Warner
“Went to several nail salons before Herbal Nails and Spa, and didn’t really like any of them. At Herbal Nail and Spa, I felt comfortable, and completely satisfied! They treated my whole family so great, and they actually understand you and don’t keep asking if you want this or that, and they can do almost any design with a great price! So incredibly happy!”

Seliena Corrington
“I love this nail shop! It is very clean and personable. You know how you feel like your being talked about in other nail shops because you can’t understand the employees? They don’t make you feel like that here! They even remember your name! I feel welcomed, wanted and relaxed when I am there. They are very efficient and do an amazing job!! Can’t say enough good things! Highly recommend Tracy!”

Brooke Hinojosa
“I have a one year old daughter, and toting her around and keeping her still is a struggle sometimes. These ladies were FANTASTIC at keeping her entertained and occupied by their interactions with her, and they even painted her nails too! They gave me amazing customer service and their pedicure was unlike any other I’ve ever had. The herbs and every step made me feel pampered and my tired feet were rejuvenated. They were gentle and very sweet. I will definitely be going back, very impressed and very happy!”

Christina Brookes
“I’ve been to Herbal Nails around 8 times now. This is by far the best nail salon I’ve been to.
They are so happy, welcoming and helpful. They remember my name and ask me about my life. They genuinely care about their work. It’s truly a breath of fresh air. And, to make the experience even better, my nails always come out great.
10/10. Give it a try! Biểu tượng cảm xúc smile”

Evans Britney
“This was my first time getting acrylics and had no idea what to expect. The girl did an amazing job and made my first time experience one to never forget! My nails look absolutely beautiful and you can’t even tell their not my real nails Biểu tượng cảm xúc wink pricing was amazing as well, getting exactly what I payed for! Black is always my go to color, but I spiced it up and added a little gold to it, will try to upload a picture Biểu tượng cảm xúc smile”

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